On June 1st, 2017 the City of Phoenix Water Services Department issued a letter to area water haulers stating that as of December 31st, 2017 their access to City of Phoenix water will be cut off.

Approximately 15,000 residents living in the communities of New River Desert Hills just north of Phoenix will be devastated if the City of Phoenix succeeds in shutting off our water supply. Most of us are dependent on water haulers for some if not all of our water.  Those of us on producing wells face the inevitability of our wells running dry.  


If we lose our water access, we will not be able to survive. All home values in the area will dramatically decrease, not just those on wells or hauled water. Surrounding businesses in Anthem, along Carefree Highway, and in the town of Cave Creek will suffer lost revenue due to the loss of customers who can no longer live in an area with no water supply.


Please sign this petition to ask the City of Phoenix to grant an extension for our continued access to water from the city.

We are asking the City of Phoenix to extend our right to access water from the city hydrants or provide a convenient and suitable water filling station so that our water haulers may continue to serve the communities that depend on them.


As a community, we have already formed an association New River Desert Hills Water, LLC to develop short and long-term solutions to the dwindling water supply, but we need time! Most of the residents were just informed of this crisis. Three months is not enough notice for our community to find an alternative solution.