Organize and mobilize New River and Desert Hills residents to participate in a grass roots campaign to prevent our water supply from being  cut off and priced out of reason. 

Our first goal is to inform, second is to secure an extension from the City of Phoenix water supply through 2018 and our third goal is to secure a long term water supply plan for our geographical area.

Email campaigns to government entities of influence and control.

  • Letter campaigns to government entities of influence and control.

  • Petition designed, targeted to City of Phoenix, reviewed by entity.

  • Petition signatures gathered.

  • Flyers developed to inform and update.

  • Email lists and phone numbers created for every resident willing to participate.

  • Twitter? Facebook? Website?

  • Meeting for core group weekly. As group grows, committees will meet separately and committee leaders will meet biweekly.

  • Pick a date 2-3 weeks from now at a venue to hold large group.

  • Secure media coverage: TV, radio, print magazines, newspapers.

  • Engage water haulers participation.

  • Inform NRDH Association of activities and progress.

  •  Work to negotiate a mutually beneficial agreement with the City of Phoenix to bridge our water needs until we are able to implement a sustainable alternative.

Mission Strategy