New River Desert Hills Water is a grassroots community effort being driven by individuals just like you! We are passionate about ensuring that our community, livestock, and future generations to come have access to water today, and years from now.

To make sure this happens, we must come together AND work together. If you would like to join us, there are multiple ways to get involved:

  • Sign petitions;

  • Volunteer your time;

  • Donate money (coming soon);

  • Assist with fundraising efforts (coming soon);

  • Complete surveys;

  • Join a committee; or

  • Suggest an idea we haven't mentioned!

Whether you're able to give five minutes or five hours of your time, we would appreciate your involvement in the process.



There are many ways to volunteer with NRDH. If you are interested in joining us, please drop us a note and let us know what you're interested in doing, or your areas of expertise.


We want YOU on our team!

Thanks! Message sent.