$2,000 of the monies raised in September and October 2017 have been used to retain an attorney who is working with the New River/Desert Hills Water team on the Domestic Water Improvement District formation (DWID).  


Some amounts have been used to secure a Post Office Box and to set-up a website.  New amounts raised will be used to reimburse members of the team who have advanced monies for fundraising materials (t-shirts and other items), administrative costs, website fees and miscellaneous expenses.


Some team members have donated fund-raising items they purchased for the benefit of the DWID formation.  NRDH Water anticipates the costs to form the DWID will be in the neighborhood of $10,000. 


The LLC is not-for-profit but is not a “charity” under IRS guidelines.  Money donated to fund the DWID is not tax deductible , and non-refundable.